Friday, November 14, 2008

Meteor Art

Hi Buckaroos!

Things have gotten interesting in the hunting grounds. Please watch the following video revealing a petroglyph and stones carved with a meteorite theme. Please note the quality of the footage does not do the magnificent artworks justice. The makers were geniuses who knew the craft at a master level.

After I made this video, I found an even more amazing piece of work that I'm just beginning to understand. It has no precedent in anything I've been taught in school.

Best I can guess, a Meteorite came from the buffalo constellation and caused a lot of death. Or it could be Buffalo hunters were displaced by a meteorite, I just know the culture represents death as a skull with a pointy hat with an emblem on the brim between the eyes. I seem to be in over my head and could use the help of an archaeologist.

Mote later Buckaroos!
-Meteorite Bruce
Terrapin Station Hunting Grounds
Joshua Tree

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