Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buffalo Meteor Shaman Cache Site

Update time Buckaroos!

I've been told by multiple folks that the answer to my question of "Meteorite? Right or Wrong?" is "Wrong". Don't worry, even though I'm a newbie to this whole space-rock gig, I can take it. The big thing is, it has led me into is something of cultural significance that has to do the effect of a meteor on a population.

Here is the story in a nut-shell:
Walking around desert, find rock, think it's a meteorite, closer examination reveals it to be a rock. Interest peeked, found rock that looked a lot like a meteorite, made a YouTube Video, got no posts, but did receive comments from folks I emailed.

Kept on collecting out-of place-rocks, some look like "Shaman Stones" ( remember the TV series 'Amazing Stories', starting sequence had Shaman telling story around fire, Shaman had Shaman Stones), found stone with square notch cut in it. Found stones that would make cool pendents, with meteor (ball with pointy tales) carved on them(first petroglyphs). Found stone tools which could be used to carve the notch in the shaman stones(tools are amazing, ergonomic and sill sharp!).

Found a lot more Shaman stones and tools, started to learn to identify tool marks on stone, started to collect stones that did not look like meteorites, but had tool marks. Some looked like game animals, some looked like Spirit Helper animals (grizzly bear, snake head), some looked like skulls wearing pointy hats.

I now have a plate with 17 pointy hatted skulls. The artwork is amazing, no two are exactly alike, but all seem to have been carved from the same "Mythic" image.

Started looking at stuff larger then "jewelry" and started finding artworks seen in "Meteor Art... Medicine Bundle?"(pictogram, petroglyphs). After I posted video, I found a Geo glyph (modified natural features forming a large picture), that turns out to be the "model" that all the stone skulls are based on. I'll have to post a good picture, but imagine a 12 foot skull with a pointy hat spitting out meteorites.

I know of no precidence for what I'm finding, so have started reading books on rock carvings. Turns out that there a 2 known petroglyph sites between my place and 29 Palms. Since the subject matter I'm finding seems to deal with "Mythic Time-Space", I think it is the work of Yuman, as opposed to Sorreno. Still checking it out.

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