Friday, February 6, 2009

Quetzalcoatl or Sho'tokununwa

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Been reading Rock Art books trying to figure out "ascribed meanings" and have come up with the following tid-bits.

Quetzalcoatl,Star, Cross, Plumed Serpent
-Single or double outlined cross
-Snake with head plume
-Human Head with Tall Hat, may have snake body

A beneficent deity at Teotihuacan, Quetzalcoatl later became an astral figure, demanding human sacrifice [Soustell 1967:94]

That could explain the "pointed hatted skulls" I've been finding, and the "Meteor" theme.

The chief deity of the great Toltec civilization of Mexico was Quetzalcoatl, god of learning. Legend describe him as a bearded white man who taught the Toltecs the Arts, the calendar, writing, and the law.

That could explain "Santa Claus" amulets I've uncovered.

Sho'tokununwa,Creator, Sky God, Star God
-circle with cross design
-Head with one horn

Shotuqnang-u, god of Sky, the clouds, and the rain, is good, dignified and powerful. He is occasionally impersonated in one of two forms, masked and unmasked. When masked the impersonator wears a white case mask with one horn. When unmasked the impersonator wears a hat shaped like a star with feathers hanging over his face and his hair down his back.
[Colton 1949]

That could explain why I found a statue with a "mask", or the "pointy hatted" skulls, or all the meteor stuff.

In Cueva La Palma, Baja CA, Mexico, there is rock art of a "Sack Hat" man associated with a clan symbol for bighorn sheep...bighorn mountain sheep Shaman.
Big horn sheep are the spirit helper for rain makers.

What I've been calling "Shadow Skulls", because the eyes and mouth are shallow depression visible when light is shined from the side, have been identifies in one book as "Boundary Stones" with the face of the God of Death or Metamorphosis. Apparently they used to be painted to keep the kids from moving them and messing up the property lines.
The eyes and nose marks are merely round shallow holes with a black rim painted around them.
[footnote in Stephen 1936;390]

I would be interested in passing on care taking responsibilities for the site, to someone who knows or is willing to learn the right words, in exchange for a place to live.

More Later-
-Bruce a.k.a. Brave Eagle, Son of White Eagle

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