Monday, December 1, 2008

Strange Finds

Hi Buckaroos!

Seems like the more you open up your eyes, the more you see.

1. Found more geoglyphs
2. Found "candle holders" (didn't know stone age folks used candles)
3. Found 140 lbs. rock carving, that face could be removed, revieling a hidden face.
4. Found what appears to be tattoo needles.
5. Found more "snake heads" with carved SHARP teeth.
6. Found blood-letting stone that has a "happy-face" appear when smeared.
7. "Carved Skulls...Seen anything like 'em?" is popular in Russia, Looking in the book"The power of Myth"by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers, Found a picture from the Smithsonian institute showing a Siberian Shaman with a hat that had carved skulls with pointy hats on it. So, found link between early Americans and Siberia.

8. Found picture of "Skull Rock", a HUGE pointy headed skull just up the road, near known rock-art sites.

I get pix later, need to save site now, being as it's a culture heratige site.

More later-

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