Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, it looks like I do have a place in this world after all.
It seems to be camping in Joshua Tree and finding meteorites.

The place is a war (games)zone, so stuff is booming all the time. “Stumps” is just down the road (29 Palms Marine Base->29 stumps->stumps)
Because of a local road-war (game?) I was collecting rocks to place a line across a path being used by a “quad”(4-wheeled motorcycle) rider to express my displeasure of his O.H.V. tearing up my pad...

Anyway, most rocks were a local pink quartz (real cool..) or white quartz (also cool..), but I found a couple of “odd-balls” that caught my attention. The first one, a little smaller then a tennis-ball, seemed to be rusty, and quite heavy for its size. Turns out, it's just a rock...
The second one was real-trippy, tear-drop shaped, black and white interior, space shuttle type nose, melted exteriors forming a “skin”, the perfect collectible.

My 100 square-foot cabin-tent has a steel frame and all the comforts of home.

Now all I need are walls, roof, floor, and a door.
I do have a generator and battery for my Bi-pap machine, as well as other gee-gaws. Those include a lap-top computer, dvd-player, powered cooler, virtual-reality simulator, mp3-player, all the “fun”needed in the desert.

Everyone in the desert seems to be crazy, but such is life here in California.
More latter Buckaroos.....
-Meteorite Bruce

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